Brody Jenner missed Kim K`s wedding as he didn`t know Kanye West

London: Brody Jenner has revealed that he didn`t attend sister Kim K`s wedding because he didn`t know Kayne West.

The reality star informed that he had only one conversation with the American rapper, which lasted for 15-20 seconds, suggest reports.

He further added that he wanted to attend the wedding but he had work obligations and Kim K didn`t give him enough notice, moreover her wedding was far away in Paris which made it even more difficult to attend.

The 21-year-old actor also admitted that he attended Kim K`s ex, Reggie Bush`s wedding because it was "right down the street" in San Diego and also he had known Bush for a long time.

Jenner mentioned another reason which contributed to his absence was that the 33 year-old actress didn`t let anyone know in the family until right before the wedding, only gave a few weeks` notice, and by that time he had already booked stuff