Brooklyn Beckham donates gifts to the homeless

London: Soccer star David and Victoria Beckham`s eldest son, Brooklyn, bought Thanksgiving presents for the homeless, after saving up his allowance money.

The 13-year-old school student decided he didn`t want his parents to get him anything for the annual American holiday, and instead saved up to purchase gifts for those less fortunate than him, reported a website.

"Brooklyn told his mum and dad that he didn`t want to receive presents for Thanksgiving this year. He said instead he`d like to donate them to people who need them more," a source said.

"Brooklyn asked one of the family bodyguards to take him to a Rite Aid store in Los Angeles so he could buy some first-aid kits to put in the charity parcels," it added.

Brooklyn also persuaded his younger brothers, Romeo, 10, and seven-year-old Cruz, to do the same and the trio are now looking forward to donating their gifts.

"He even persuaded his brothers Romeo and Cruz to give up their presents and pocket money for the homeless this year. The lads are planning to give big, fun packages to the local shelter," the source said.

Brooklyn also has a little sister, 16-month-old Harper, who doesn`t yet get an allowance.