Bruce Willis not suing Apple over iTunes inheritance, says wife

Washington: Bruce Willis is not suing Apple over who will inherit his massive music collection, the actor’s wife Emma Hemming has revealed.

Hemming, 34, has taken to Twitter to pour cold water on the claims made by British media earlier that her hubby Bruce was considering legal action against Apple over the rights to his iTunes account after his death, CBS News reported.

She said in a tweet that the report made by the Daily Mail is “not a true story.”

Although the reports may not be true, the topic of post-mortem music and movie rights is thought-provoking and important, as more intellectual property is purchased and stored online.

Forbes contributor Tim Worstall points out that “few of us have any significant portion of our wealth tied up in such digital goods. But it’s obviously going to be something that looms larger in years to come. And I have a feeling that we’re going to need some legal clarification on who really does own what after someone’s death.”