Bush told Bachmann to ‘lose the gloves’ in fashion tip

Washington: Michele Bachmann has revealed that former US President George W Bush gave her fashion advice in her new book ‘Core of Conviction’.

Bachmann said that Bush came to Minnesota to campaign with her and unexpectedly invited her to ride with him in the presidential limousine, where he gave her the advice.

The 55-year-old Republican politician devotes an entire chapter of her new book to that first encounter, which she says helped her win the heavily contested open seat.

Being in the district to speak at health care forum in Minneapolis, Bush then appeared at a private fundraiser for Bachmann, who had been trailing her opponent in campaign cash.

Her main concern was what to wear for the occasion.

“For my part, I was confronting another question — what to wear!” the Politico quoted Bachmann as saying.

Taking advice from her mother, Bachmann said she purchased a pink suit with a matching purse and shoes.

“My mother insisted if I was going to meet the president, I’d have to have pink gloves as well — no exceptions!” she said.

As she rode in the car with then-Gov. Tim Pawlenty, then Sen. Norm Coleman and Bush’s top aide Karl Rove, she could see the president that she described as “a good listener” who responded “thoughtfully” disagreeing with her mother’s advice.

“Speaking of thoughtful, he looked down at my pink-gloved hand and asked with a crinkly smile: ‘Why are you wearing those gloves?’

“I explained and he said gently, ‘Lose the gloves.’ I could see Rove agreed.”

The car then stopped at a custard stand where Bush and Rove had planned a photo op with Bachmann.

She said that the images of her and the president munching on ice cream generated good press.

“And although I was still all dressed up, at least I wasn’t wearing — thanks to the president’s good counsel — those over-the-top gloves,” she added.


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