Cambridge U students clueless about unsafe sex?

London: A survey by Cambridge University`s student newspaper has made the shocking revelation that show half of the students having had unprotected sex.

Of the 309 students surveyed at Cambridge University half admitted to having unprotected sex. While the same number said they believed there was no risk of pregnancy when a women is menstruating and ten percent said they believed wearing two condoms could reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), the Daily Mail reported.

Despite revealing a lack of proper knowledge - 92 percent of those questioned before the survey said that they felt very or quite confident about sexual health and contraception.

The survey`s findings published in the university`s newspaper could also throw light upon the substantial increase in diagnoses of sexually transmitted diseases over the past decade.

Sir Nick Partridge, from HIV and AIDS charity, Terrence Higgins Trust, described the findings as staggering.

"Until we improve sex education and give extra support to young people, they will continue to take avoidable risks with their sex lives," he said.


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