Cars with Z in number plates crash the most

London: Does your car have the alphabet Z in its registration number? If so, beware.

A British study says vehicles with that letter are involved in the maximum number of accidents.

The last letter of the alphabet appears in three of the top five list of accident insurance claims in Britain, according to, an insurance firm.

Z also features in two of the five most common plates in accidents where the driver was the innocent party, the Daily Mail reported.

The study was based on 643,939 accident claims - 429,870 at fault and 214,069 non-fault - handled by the firm.

Overall, vehicles with the combination NCZ were to blame for the most crashes, followed by DKY, AWZ, LGY and AAZ.

RMZ had the highest number of claims where the driver was not at fault.

NCZ drivers were to blame in 88 cases, while RMZ cars were hit in 44 instances.

Brian Martin, the firm`s managing director, said: `I`m sure this is just a coincidence. We`ve got no plans to charge more for some registrations as a result.`

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