Casinos can attract more tourists, says a new report

Hamilton: Even though gambling addiction has always been a controversial issue in the Caribbean island nation of Bermuda, a government report has said it cannot ignore the fact that casinos have the capacity to boost tourism.

A new report by the tourism board lists gaming as a priority "within two years".

The report recommends opening a casino in Hamilton, the island`s capital city, that would make sure Bermuda "transcends seasonality and extends a 365-day visitor welcome".

It said there would be additional jobs and revenue.

"Gaming can provide the island business, and the leisure traveller with another recreational option during their stay," the report said.

Members of the tourism board say they want to ensure "Bermuda is the place to be" as tourism is critical to the island`s continuing and long-term success.

Bermuda is a British overseas territory in the Caribbean with a population of around 63,800. Its capital and largest city is Hamilton. The major languages in use are English and Portuguese, according to BBC.


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