Celebs particularly vulnerable to bed bugs

Washington: Experts hint that celebrities may be at higher risk of being bitten by blood-sucking bed bugs.

Action Pest Control president John Russell says that celebrities traveling from five-star hotel to five-star hotel may be at an increased risk for the little suckers because “high-end hotels are less receptive to the dogs because they don’t want the prestige of having bed bugs," reports a news channel.

“Rather than facing it and saying ‘oh you know what’? Bed bugs are a problem in the hotel industry, and we are taking preventative measures,’ they don’t want the dogs to be seen,” he said.

It’s not just the hotels that put celebrities at risk. Their tendency to buy multiple properties and perpetual-motion lifestyles also increase bed-bug risk.

“Moving trucks are a huge concern,” Jeffrey White, a Research Entomologist for BedBug Central said, stressing that once they move infected furniture, they act as vectors infecting otherwise healthy furniture.

Russell and his staff have gotten phone calls from landlords of apartment complexes where celebrities live, and often the client is concerned about keeping the problem quiet.


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