Charles Saatchi`s eccentric habits revealed by ex-aides

Melbourne: Charles Saatchi`s former aides, Francesca and Elisabetta Grillo, have shed light on his strange habits, asserting that he wears one of his 12 identical 1900 dollars suits every single day.

The Grillo sisters, who have recently been given a clean chit in a fraud case against their employers, claimed that the art tycoon had once ordered his staff to buy 12 Apple TV remote controls so that he could always find one, reported.

The multi-millionaire, who was previously married to TV cook Nigella Lawson , had asked his aides to buy 60 tubes of 55 dollars hair gel so he would never run out and to also keep cloudy lemonade and Frappuccinos from Starbucks in stock.

The duo also claimed that Saatchi would always insist on keeping the heat turned on even in summers, and he insisted on keeping every light in the house on as he hated dark rooms.

The Grillo sisters had to start their work in the Saatchi household at 6am every day so that they could clear up after Lawson`s late night cooking because Saatchi wanted the kitchen to always be spotless.

At 7am they would serve Saatchi the same breakfast everyday of burnt toast and weak tea.