Charlize Theron takes up the cause of apes

London: Charlize Theron has taken up the cause of the African apes after meeting legendary primatologist Jane Goodall during the filming of the TV series `Iconoclasts`.

The Academy award winning actress was back in her home continent of Africa and met the award-winning conservationist at the Tchimpounga sanctuary, where Goodall, 76, and her staff rehabilitates orphaned chimpanzees rescued from illegal commercial hunting.

The 35-year-old actress was introduced to the juvenile chimps as she and Goodall discussed the issues that face Africa`s young people and its wildlife, reported Daily Mail online.

The `Monster` star opened up about the loss of her father, while Goodall also described her experiences in her early twenties, when she travelled into the African forest and discovered how similar humans are to chimpanzees.

The actress then puckered up to a few of the baby chimpanzees who welcomed her enthusiastically.

"As an actor I`ve always been an observer of people so I started realising that in a way we kind of do the same thing, she just does it with chimps and I do it with human chimps, the ones who have evolved from those chimps," said Theron.