Check out the new ‘Tubeless toilet paper’

Washington: It’s a pesky thing to get that last bit of toilet paper off the cardboard tube but a new tubeless toilet paper promises to rid people of their toilet paper struggles.

Kimberly-Clarke Corporation has launched the new Scott Natural Tube-Free toilet paper - the rolls come void of those pesky cardboard tubes while still being able to fit on the average toilet paper holder.

The invention is not just advantageous to the consumer, but because every single piece of toilet paper will be usable, 160 million pounds of cardboard-tube waste can be avoided.

“We looked at those products that help us to preserve our environment, and we saw that consumers aren’t willing to trade off to go green,” a news channel quoted Doug Daniels, brand manger for Scott brand, as saying.

“So that’s really the beauty of what we’re doing here. To the consumer, there are no compromises. They’re still getting a high-quality product, and the impact of their purchase is still significant to the environment,” he added.


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