Cheryl Cole can`t wait to turn 30

Last Updated: Jun 08, 2013, 12:47 PM IST

London: Cheryl Cole has revealed that she can`t wait to turn 30 because according to her it is the age when women are at their most beautiful and sexy self.

The former ` X Factor` judge told Sunday Mirror`s new Notebook magazine, that she is not interested in Botox as she has earned her wrinkles.

Cole, who will celebrate her 30th birthday on June 30, said that she is planning three or four parties to celebrate the special day.

The `Fight for this love` hit maker asserted that she feels more confident in her skin as she has grown older.

The singer insisted to the publication that she had always looked up to women in their 30s and think that this is when they are at their most beautiful, sexy, and are most confident.

The former ` Girls Aloud ` star added that she feels like she has lived a lot for her age too so she deserves to be 30 and feels ready for it.