Chhath Puja 2016: Here's how third day 'Sandhya Arghya' is celebrated

Here's how third day 'Sandhya Arghya' is celebrated

Chhath Puja 2016: Here's how third day 'Sandhya Arghya' is celebrated
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New Delhi: The four-day festival - celebrated mostly by women in Bihar and Jharkhand - falls on the sixth day of the Hindu month of Kartika and, hence, it is called Chhath. During this auspicious festival, Women observe fast and also offer their prayers to Chhati Maiyya or Goddess Usha (Goddess of Dawn).

Dressed in their best fineries and with vermilion adoring their face, women offer prayers to the Sun God. Chhath Puja is believed to be the only Vedic festival dedicated to Surya (the Sun God).

The third day is addressed as 'Sandhya Arghya'. On this day, devotees take a dip in the holy river Ganga or any other large water body. Here, they worship God Sun and Chhathi Maiya. It is followed by offerings or prashad which usually includes puri, rice pudding and bananas.   

While the devotees are busy doing the Chhath rituals, other family members sing Chhathi Maiya songs and also stories related to Chhath tradition are recited.

This fasting ritual is believed to bless mothers who can't bear children and also families with the longevity of their children.

According to Drik here are the timings to perform 'Sandhya Arghya' rituals:

Sunrise on Chhath Puja Day - 06:36

Sunset on Chhath Puja Day -17:32 

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