China-Bonds to last

Delhi: Prakash Ambegaonkar, founder of `Bridging Nations` (BN), a US-based non-profit group which has set up the centre, said “despite the growing significance of both the countries in global politics, the mutual relationship between India and China has been understudied.”

The growth of these two Asian neighbours was conducive to the long-term sustained economic development of the world, he observed. “This centre will strive to strengthen India-China relations by identifying overlapping interests and involving peoples of both the countries in the policy-making process.”

The initiative “relies upon principle of activism” and building bridges between the two countries, Ambegaonkar said. “The India-China programme of BN aims at understanding the fundamentals behind both the countries` ideas as emerging powers in the coming decades and the centre will focus on the initiatives in the fields of education, technology and policy,” Ambegaonkar stated.

The activities will include delegation programme for students, corporates, NGOs, academicians and policymakers, study of Mandarin (Chinese) language in India as well as collaboration with universities and institutions in China.