China to ban two dogs in a family

London: China on Sunday has imposed a new law, which bans families from owning more than one dog in a bid to stop its population from increasing.

It also includes that the dog owners have to walk their pets on leads when they take them out in public, reports The Sun.

The country’s largest city, Shanghai, hopes that the new regulation will help curb the spread of rabies.

Shanghai has 800,000 dogs, but only 140,000 of them are officially registered - due to hefty 186 pounds costs.

But from Sunday annual fees dropped to between 8 pounds and 46 pounds, depending on where they are housed, to enable the registry.

The current owners of more than one dog will be excused if they register their pups by this week.

But middle-class Chinese families are angry about the new rules and see them as an invasion of their private lives.


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