Chinese toddler addicted to smoking!

Updated: Jun 09, 2010, 16:25 PM IST

London: A 3-year-old Chinese girl has become addicted to smoking and drinking after she met with a car accident.

Ya Wen, 3, lives in a shelter with her parents who collect and sell trash for money.

The girl was struck by a speeding van last year, her mother Gao explained.

The child recovered after she was rushed to a local hospital.

Ya Wen’s mother caught her secretly stealing and smoking her father’s cigarettes after she fully recovered in a couple of months, reports The Sun.

Her mother said that she had become addicted to boozing and drinking since a year. Her preference of clothes has also changed.

“She only likes boy`s clothes. If we don`t buy them for her, she cries in protest,” Gao said.

She also likes drinking. Three glasses of beer is no problem to her,” she added.