Chris Brown`s mother blames son`s bad behaviour on friends

PTI| Updated: Nov 23, 2013, 20:08 PM IST

Los Angeles: R&B star Chris Brown`s mother thinks that her son`s friends are responsible for his weed-smoking habit.

Brown was recently kicked out of a California rehab facility after throwing a rock at his mother`s car. The singer`s mother, Joyce Hawkins`, holds no grudge against her son as she still calls him "an angel" when addressing the matter on Twitter.
"My Angel with broken wings. God loves you so much and I do as well," Hawkins wrote.

According to Hawkins, Brown`s friends only hang out with him for his money and the access to expensive things. She claimed his friends were the ones who got him hooked on marijuana.

The sources added that the "Fine China" singer`s weed smoking had reached the point where he could turn violent toward his mother when he was high. Hawkins has reportedly had enough and hoped that rehab really could help him out.

Brown checked into rehab for anger management treatment on October 29, just a few days after he was busted in Washington, DC, after being accused of punching a man who tried getting a picture with him.

Brown was due to appear in a Washington, DC, court on November 25, but a judge has allowed him to skip it so he can continue treating his anger management in rehab.