Chris Brown’s rep defends his decision of selling pups online

Washington: Chris Brown’s representative has defended the R ‘n’ B star against criticism from animal rights campaigners who are furious at him for selling off a litter of puppies online. The animal-loving singer had set up a website called CB Breeds this week to showcase the two-month-old American pitbull terrier puppies, which were born to dogs he keeps at his family home in Virginia.

The 22-year-old singer, who is selling the puppies for 1,000 dollars each, posted photos of each of the dogs in need of loving homes and included a snap of himself cuddling one of the pups.

His actions prompted heavy criticism from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) officials, who condemned his decision to make a profit off the dogs.

In a statement, they say: “There is no such thing as a responsible breeder while wonderful dogs are being put down in animal shelters across the country for lack of a good home.

“This is a moneymaking scheme, and Brown will count the suckers who fall for it as he counts the money on the way to the bank,” the statement read.

But Brown’s spokesperson insists that the ‘Kiss Kiss’ hitmaker only has the best intentions at heart and is selling the dogs at a high price so as to dissuade irresponsible owners from buying them.

“These are puppies from his dogs he has back home in Virginia that are being sold to make sure they get good homes. He loves animals, especially dogs,” a website has quoted his representative as saying.