Christmas party hangovers to cost economy £242m loss in productivity

London: Boozy nights on Christmas will adversely impact workplace routine and the next morning hangovers will cost the economy 242 million pounds loss in productivity as one in four workers will plan a day off to recover, a new study has revealed.

The research divulged that more than half of those who attend an office do would most likely have a sore head the next morning.
12 percent of these will be late or won’t make it in at all. A fifth of those who do make it in will only work an insignificant four-hour day.

The research, from online travel retailer, stated that 55 per cent of employees would get drunk at their Christmas party.

And a quarter will kiss a colleague while a fifth will sleep with one. Other social gaffes include embarrassing dancing, spreading gossip, confessing feelings for a colleague, arguing or being kicked out of the party, the Daily Mail reported.

“Everyone loves a work Christmas party but sometimes the outcome can be more than a sore head,” Eva Bojtos, from, said.


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