Colour of your car reflects a lot about your personality

Updated: Jul 27, 2011, 13:50 PM IST

Wellington: The colour of your car reflects a lot about your personality, a media report said Wednesday.

Silver denotes elegance -- one who loves futuristic looks -- while white signifies fastidiousness.

Red stands for speedy, high-energy and dynamism, while light brown points to basic and simple tastes.

Deep brown signifies a down-to-earth and no-nonsense approach, while black denotes someone who is empowered, not easily manipulated and appreciates classics, the New Zealand Herald reported.

This is what some other colours denote:

Grey: Sober, corporate, practical.

Dark green: Traditional, trustworthy, well-balanced.

Yellow: Whimsical, lively, sunny disposition.

Gold: Loves comfort and will pay for it.

Orange: Fun-loving, talkative, fickle.

Deep purple: Creative, individualistic.