Comedian lives in bathroom for 5 days to kick Internet addiction!

New York: Queens comedian Mark Malkoff is known for the quirky things he is always up to, but this is his best yet, or worst, as he lives in his bathroom to get rid of his Internet addiction.

"A while back, I noticed that many of the things that I have tried to accomplish on an average day were not getting done because I was online so much," The New York Daily News quoted the Malkoff as saying.

"I didn``t know where else in New York City that I could go that would not have any distractions or temptations. So I barricaded myself in my bathroom for five days," he added.

But the one thing he didn’t know would irk him the most was the colour of his bathroom.

"The worst part is the colour. Whoever designed this pink bathroom wanted to torture me. This colour is just ugly," he complained.

He admits that his net addiction got so bad at one time, he would leave his wife on dates to go and check his Facebook and Twitter updates.

Unfortunately for Malkoff``s wife, Christine, the solution to his problem has just created another, more awkward, issue.

"Initially she went to Starbucks to go to the bathroom, because we only have one in our apartment. But today she came in and used the toilet while I wore earplugs and hid behind the shower curtain," Malkoff said.

He will attempt to read "Gravity’s Rainbow," learn how to knit, write a love letter to his wife and learn how to play "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" on guitar to stave off boredom.

And sanitation doesn’t seem to be an issue at all.

"I have dishwashing soap, so every time I’m about to eat, I wash my bowl. And let’s be honest, I can’t imagine this is any less sanitary than some of the diners in New York," he said.

Stunts like this are nothing new to Malkoff. He once lived on a commercial airplane to conquer his fear of flying, consumed something at every Starbucks in Manhattan and hitched rides on strangers`` backs for 9.8 miles across New York.