Cool Facts-Katy Perry

Katy Perry topped the music charts by singing about how she liked kissing a girl, selling over 2 million albums and more than 13 million singles worldwide.

Perry cancelled her appearance at BBC radio host Chris Moyle`s TV show ‘Chris Moyles` Quiz Night’ for a date night with Russell Brand.
Perry once tweeted that she likes the former child star and teen idol, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, well known for his stint in ‘Home Improvement’.
Perry had acupuncture on her face. She once tweeted, "Bout to get some acupuncture in my face, no joke. I`ll try & twit pic although I might stab myself with the ones in my hands... going in!"
Perry skips backstage to test her costumes before shows to prevent wardrobe malfunctions. She tweeted, "Usually I test out an outfit before shows by jumpin` rope, make sure The Twins are gonna stay in the holder."
Katy Perry painted mini pictures of hubby-to-be Russell Brand on her nails on ‘MTV Video Music Awards’ red carpet.

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