Costume trial made Emily Blunt cry

London: Actress Emily Blunt cried when she tried on her the `Edge of Tomorrow` costume, says her co-star Tom Cruise.

Blunt and Cruise had to wear bulky plastic suits in the sci-fi movie, and though the 51-year-old actor, who tried his costume first, found the outfits uncomfortable he didn`t want to tell Blunt how "challenging" they were.

Blunt cried when she tried on her bulky costume and Cruise made her smile later, reports

Speaking on US talk show "The Tonight Show", Cruise said: "When I got it on I was like there was no way to make it any lighter ... It was plastic.

"But I didn`t tell anyone because Blunt hadn`t showed up. She`d trained for three months. I knew it was going to be challenging. It just looks cool on film, we gotta act in this stuff ...

"I never told her how heavy the suit was I made sure I was there the first day that she tried it on. She was doing her stunts."

Asked about her reaction, he said: "She cried."

Cruise wanted to make her laugh while she was in pain and in a stern voice he told her not to be a "wuss", which worked.

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