Couple weds at a grocery store

Updated: Jun 25, 2010, 09:53 AM IST

Wautoma: Here comes the bride, down Aisle 9.

A Wisconsin couple who met in Aisle 9 of the Copps grocery store in Wautoma last year were married there this week.

Marty Czarnecki says he was working in the store`s liquor aisle when Denise Irvine came in to buy wine. He said they just "got talking."

Irvine says she doesn`t do things traditionally, so liked the idea of a grocery-store wedding.

Members of the wedding party shouted "cleanup on Aisle 9" after toilet paper streamers flew through the air over the couple Wednesday.

After a brief honeymoon, Czarnecki returns to work at Copps on Friday.

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