Couples argue 4,015 times a year after their kids are born!

London: A survey has found that before having children, couples tend to argue seven times a day, but after the childbirth that figure jumps to 11 - or 4,015 times a year.

The bust-ups are typically caused by sleepless nights, battles over discipline, and routines.

And more than half of those are about their offspring. One in four rarely agree about when their children should go to bed, while 21 per cent argue about what to feed them.

The survey of 3,000 parents found that, in fact the only dispute that stays the same before and after starting a family is money.

One fifth of those polled said they were regularly annoyed about the house being littered with toys, with the cost of toys also sparking bust-ups.

Household chores are also a big bone of contention, with couples frequently disagreeing about who should do the washing and make beds.

“Even the strongest of couples finds it hard to get along during the first few months - and arguments become part of everyday life,” the Daily Mail quoted a spokesman for researcher MumPoll, as saying.


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