Dad wants Lindsay to be moved to Florida rehab

Updated: May 27, 2013, 16:24 PM IST

Los Angeles: Actress Lindsay Lohan`s father Michael Lohan wants her to be transferred to a rehab in Florida.

Michael Lohan thinks that his daughter is wasting time at Betty Ford Clinic in California as she has already gone through the same program twice earlier and it failed, reports

He said: “I want to take care of some things with the court and get her transferred. She`s at Betty Ford, I think it`s only going to be temporary with regard to recovery, but if she goes to the Lukens Institute, where I want her to go, it`s going to be permanent and I`ll stake everything on it. I know she`ll get better if she goes there.”

When asked if he thinks Lindsay needs to leave Betty Ford as soon as possible, he added: “Absolutely or she`ll repeat the same program three times in a row. It`s a 12-step program, and at least at Lukens it`s extended care and it`s one-on-one. It`s a very, very high level of treatment.”