Daniel Day-Lewis` sister pays tribute to brother for Oscar win

Updated: Feb 27, 2013, 12:32 PM IST

London: Actor Daniel Day-Lewis` sister has paid tribute to the actor after he picked up his third Academy Award for his turn in historical epic `Lincoln`.

Tamasin said her brother was convinced that he would go home a loser, while his family never doubted he would win, reported Daily Express.

TV chef Tamasin has now written an emotive tribute to her famous brother in a piece for Britain`s newspaper.

"I can`t believe he`s won again - nor can Dan, as I discovered when I finally got a text from my brother after the mayhem of Sunday`s Oscars. He`d left his telephone behind on the night... Neither of us had allowed ourselves to believe it would happen.

"After all, when he won every award leading up to the Oscars in the year of Gangs of New York, he then didn`t win. But somehow I never doubted he`d get three... Whilst everyone assumed this Oscar was a foregone conclusion, I was more circumspect... Indeed, this summer in Ireland when he was talking to me about Lincoln, it was clear that he wouldn`t have put money on himself. But he has made history, and made history work for him," she wrote.