Daniel Radcliffe is a stand-up comedian: Juno Temple

London: Actor Daniel Radcliffe has been lauded for his good sense of humour by his "Horns" co-star Juno Temple.

The 24-year-old "Harry Potter" star kept Temple entertained with jokes as the actress had to open a scene in the movie with a laughter, reported Contactmusic.

"There was one take where there was quite a complicated shot and we had to keep redoing it to get the shot right. We had to open with me laughing and Daniel must have told me 20 to 25 jokes. It was insane.," she said.

"I didn`t know somebody had that many jokes. It was genius. He`s a stand-up comic," she added.

"Horns" is an American thriller film directed by Alexandre Aja and is scheduled to be released on October 11.