Daniel Radcliffe pays back two-year-old taxi fare

Daniel Radcliffe pays back two-year-old taxi fare


London: 'Harry Potter' star Daniel Radcliffe has finally reimbursed two-year-old cab fare to a football team, which had paid for him as he was short of change while travelling to a party.

Radcliffe, 25, had reportedly been partying with the Dublin Minor Football team in 2012 when they all got a taxi to a house party. The actor had promised them he would pay them back the money, reportedly.

Former Dublin player Conor Mullally tweeted a picture of the cash, equalling 50 euro, with Radcliffe's note, which read, "So, thanks again for paying for my cab. I couldn't live with myself if I didn't honour my word and pay you back. Once again, great meeting you all. Hope this covers it."

"Two years later, Daniel Radcliffe pays us back the taxi fare from that infamous night #gentleman." The team reportedly sent him a signed football jumper to thank him. 

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