Dannii Minogue ends business partnership

Los Angeles: Singer Danii Minogue has ended her business partnership with Tabitha Somerset Webb, co-founder of their fashion label Project D.

Minogue and Webb started their fashion line in 2010. However, Minogue has some other plans in the fashion industry for herself, reports thesun.co.uk.

"Dannii and Tabitha won`t be collaborating on any Project D collections past 2013. However, Dannii still has big plans to be involved in the fashion and style industry, and is considering a number of options for the Project D brand moving forward," Minogue`s spokesperson said.

But Webb has not ruled out the idea of collaborating with Minogue in future.

"It is not moving forward at the moment, but that`s not to say it won`t do in the future," Drapers magazine quoted Webb as saying.