Dating 101: Five simple first date tips that will surely make her ask you out on a second one!

From mannerisms to gestures, every lil' action of yours counts big time for women. 

Dating 101: Five simple first date tips that will surely make her ask you out on a second one!

New Delhi: Attention guys,what we are about to tell you might ease the biggest challenge of your love life. Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about the crucial first date here. Most of the males literally have no idea about the Dos and Don'ts of the first date.

You may have met that girl a lot before but, trust us, the relationship dynamics change tremendously when you are out on a date. 

From mannerisms to gestures, every lil' action of yours counts big time for women. So, this is the opportunity when you gotta make your impression worthy enough to go out on many more dates ahead.

Here, we bring you some simple tips that will definitely make you look like the guy of her dreams:

Be a gentleman (for once, at least): The transition from a boy to man is a bit tough but you gotta do it someday. And, chicks usually expect mature and caring behaviour when they are out on a date. Relax for a while and analyse how different a date is from any other outing/party with the same person. Then, act accordingly. Dress up neatly and flowers are a big thumbs up.

Planning and plotting: Life ahead is an uncertain road. So, it is advisable to plan the first date for now. Don't make it a random affair. Before taking her out, you must have a clear idea about the date itinerary so that she doesn't feel awkward at any point of the time.

The talk: Now this is the part of date that can change the game. Don't ask too many questions. Instead, look forward to a topic that interests her. Yeah, compliment her on small things like shoes or earring. Yes, girls love it when you notice.

Don't be old-school: Okay, so this is how it works. Whenever the bill comes, make sure that you have got it covered. Well, it will impress her without a doubt. But, if the girl insists too much, split the check. Yes, a modern-day woman likes a man who treats her equal in every way.

The last move: Drop her to her doorstep. Yes, get your lazy ass out of the car, open her gate and escort her to the door. Yes, that is what we call chivalry. If you are not driving her home, wait for her cab to come. Always end the date by saying something really special about her so that she thinks about you all the night. Also, call her the next morning to convey how great you felt when you were out with her.

All the best guys! May the force be with you.

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