Dear women, check out top 10 safety tips

In order to be safe than sorry, women ought to vigilant, aware and strong – both mentally and physically.

Dear women, check out top 10 safety tips
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Mumbai: At a time when crimes against women are rising at an alarming rate, a need to create a haven for the fairer sex has become the need of the hour.

Not just the society but the woman herself needs to be cautious to safeguard her interests. If she doesn’t fend for herself, no one on earth will. So, in order to be safe than sorry, women ought to vigilant, aware and strong – both mentally and physically.

Be aware- Do keep yourself updated about the latest that’s happening around. This will help you know more about the kinds of issues that exist.

Be alert – Don’t be lost in your own world while travelling alone. Be conscious of your surroundings and co-passengers.

Be discrete- Never reveal any information about you to a complete stranger. You may have a clean heart but the person trying to know more about you may not.

Be well equipped- Carry a pepper spray or a safety alarm gadget. These will come in handy in case someone tries to assault you.

Nurture presence of mind – It is important to react or take correct actions at the right time. Presence of mind will help you find rational solutions to tricky issues.

Never stop the car for a stranger while driving alone – If someone asks you for a lift, do not entertain him/her. You never know who they are and what they are up to.

If you are alone in an elevator with a stranger – Press all the buttons of the lift so that it halts at all the floors. This will prevent the stranger from doing wrong to you in fear of being caught.

Never accept a drink from a stranger – If you are in a pub or at a party, do not accept a drink offered by a stranger. The drink could be spiked. Get a drink for you from the bar tender else avoid drinking.

If you are in a cab all alone – Send details of the cab to your loved ones. Also, make it a point to call them up and share he details aloud so that the driver knows you have kept your family informed about your whereabouts. This will stop him from doing anything wrong to you.

Never let your fear or insecurity show in your face- It is natural to get frightened or scared when someone stalks you. Never let him know you are scared. Inform your loved ones about the stalker. Also, if he tries to act smart with you, seek help from the police to get rid of him.

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