Debbie Rowe testifies about Paris Jackson`s suicide attempt

Los Angeles: In an emotional testimony during the Michael Jackson`s wrongful death trial, Debbie Rowe said her daughter Paris, who is recovering after an attempted suicide, is yet to overcome her father`s death in 2009.

Jackson`s estate and mother Katherine Jackson are pitted again concert promoter AEG Live in the trial. She was called to testify by AEG Live`s attorneys, reported E! News.

"She tried to kill herself. She is devastated. She has no life. She doesn`t feel she has a life anymore," Rowe said.

Rowe, who is the biological mother of Prince Jackson also, testified that she had been in daily contact with her daughter until her hospitalization on June 5 following a reported overdose.

The former nurse said she had suggested to Jackson that they should have a child following his divorce from Lisa Marie Presley in 1996.

"I was trying to help him. I said, `What`s the thing that makes you the saddest?` He said, `I never had any children.`"

"I wanted him to be a father. I wanted him to have everything he didn`t have growing up. I wanted him to experience it with his own child, with his own children...I believe there are certain people who need to be parents, and I always thought he was one of them," Rowe said.

Katherine has sued AEG on behalf of Jackson`s three children and estate, alleging that the hiring of Dr Conrad Murray to oversee Michael`s health was a negligent decision that ultimately caused his death by acute propofol intoxication.

AEG, however, maintains that Murray was hired by Jackson.


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