Denim lovers stay in their jeans for years

New York: It is said about jeans—too much washing and the colour fades, too little washing and the denim bags. But, lovers of raw denim have another strategy—don’t wash them at all.

Raw denim, also known as selvedge, for many is a blank, blue canvas—it’s stiff, dark and free of all factory washes and designs.

As the buyer wears them (and wears them) the indigo fades in places unique to the person – such as behind the knees, where the wallet is kept and where the cuffs are folded.

Soon the buyer has a pair of jeans that are significantly softer and yes, grimier. But completely unique to the wearer.

"Selvage denim is one of the only fabrics available that really evolves and changes. It’s not like wearing a pair of wool pants or a pair of nylon pants or chinos -- the indigo denim really changes with your body as you wear it," the New York Daily News quoted Eric Goldstein, founder of Jean Shop as telling AOL News.

A pair of stiff, dark blue Dickies jeans cost 20 dollars at Walmart. A pair of Levi``s will set you back about 69 dollars, depending on sale prices. Prices skyrocket to 150 dollars and up for pairs from G-Star, Diesel and APC.

There are blogs and online videos devoted to raw denim, from care to caveats.

"It takes a lot of dedication, a lot of time. If you wear these jeans every day, it could take a couple months to wear them in. If you wear your jeans only two or three times a week to dinner, it could take years -- and not everyone wants to deal with that," said Goldstein.


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