Denise Richards to give up custody of Charlie Sheen`s kids?

PTI| Last Updated: Nov 06, 2013, 16:19 PM IST

Los Angeles: Actress Denise Richards reportedly wants to give up her temporary guardianship of ex-husband Charlie Sheen`s twins with Brooke Mueller.

The `Scary Movie` star is said to have detailed "violence and out-of-control" behaviour from the twin boys, who were placed under her care after Mueller lost custody of them in May, reported TMZ Online.

Richards details the boys` bad behaviour in a letter to social workers, describing them as "violent and out of control" towards her dogs and even other people.

"Bob and Max Sheen often go into a zombie-like state," Richards apparently wrote in the letter, and "kick and squeeze" her pets violently for fun. The four-year-olds have reportedly said they "wanted to hurt and kill" the dogs.

Sheen`s two sons have "punched" and "kicked" other people, even at school, Richards claimed. She also said that the kids hit her daughter in the head and stomach.

After taking Bob and Max, 4, into her care earlier this year while their mother Mueller, 36, attempts to seek help for her drug addiction, Richards, 42, has informed the LA County Department of Children and Family Services that she can`t handle the two boys any more.

Sheen and Mueller were both deemed unfit to take care of their two sons earlier this year. Mueller, who is in rehab, was recently seen in a video smoking from a drug pipe and mentioning crystal meth.

Richards apparently blames Mueller for the kids` behaviour, saying they return from visits with their mom and "act out violently."

It is unclear what will happen to Sheen`s sons if a judge agrees Richards cannot take care of them, as the letter suggests.