Diana’s ex-lover James Hewitt considered suicide over public let down

Washington: Princess Diana’s former lover James Hewitt has revealed that he considered suicide since he felt he had “let people down”.

"I got in my car and loaded a few things up to get on the ferry to go to France -- to shoot myself,” Radaronline.com quoted the ex-army officer as telling Inside Edition in a candid interview.

"And then my mother insisted on coming with me. And, had she hadn’t. I would have probably have shot myself. So I owe her my life really,” he said.

"I felt I had let people down," Hewitt said four days before Prince William``s wedding.

"Probably myself, my family, my friends, the nation, the army, my regiment. Other than that, no one at all,” he added.

Hewitt is often called the "most hated man in Britain" for cashing in on his five-year affair with the late Princess Diana.


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