Did aliens appear above BBC building to grab coverage!

London: A video that was shot from below the BBC building in London showing ‘white dots’ whizzing across the sky, assumed to be UFOs, has created much excitement all over the UK.

People were left wondering if aliens are getting less camera shy and are embracing the paparazzi, reports the Daily Mail.

A whole crowd gathered to watch as three fast-moving white dots streaked across the London skyline, being quickly followed by two similar sized white dots.

After the five white dots whizzed pass, one larger brighter disc-shaped white object, supposedly the mother UFO was spotted moving around slowly in the sky.

The ‘alien visit’ has attracted different opinions, with one set of people saying that the video could be the work of one of London’s many production houses having the expertise and facilities to mock up a convincing video.

However, the person who circulated the footage on YouTube wrote in order to circumvent the cynical naysayers: “If you believe it`s easy photo-shopped why don``t you make a video and show us all.”


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