Dissolvable-wedding-dress for money-saving brides!

Washington: Girls who think that it is foolish to spend big bucks on a wedding dress, here’s a environmental friendly solution—a dissolvable wedding gown.

According to Brides.com`s American Wedding Study from 2009, an average woman spends 1,056 dollars on her wedding dress.

And thus, students at Sheffield Hallam University in the United Kingdom came up with the dissolvable wedding gown.

They wanted to make a statement about our disposable society, where clothes frequently go from wash-n-wear to wear-n-waste.

Their dress is made polyvinyl alcohol, a biodegradable substance using in washing detergents.

From Gizmag, the substance "is knitted into the dress fabric which allows it to dissolve in water leaving no impact on the environment,” reports Discovery News.

But before dissolution, the wearer can transform the dress into five different outfits.

The designs were featured in the exhibition “A Sustainable Marriage,” at the university’s Furnival Gallery.



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