DJ condemns police attacks on gays, transgender

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: Gay and transgender parties are definitely on a rise and Mumbai happens to be one of the hottest spots for rave bashes. With an ever increasing number of generation next people supporting the ‘socially ridiculed’ community, the lesbian, gay and transgender community has come out in the open in large numbers in the recent past.

After Bobby Darling was taken into custody for her indecent behaviour at a party held in Andheri, Saturday, the Mumbai Police raided another gay party in Juhu recently. According to DJ Jenny D, a supporter of the transgender, the police was allegedly rude to members of the community and treated them with utmost disrespect.

Reportedly, the police barged in as the organisers had failed to procure all the necessary documents to serve liquor.

Moreover, people present there were fined for their sleazy dancing act. So for the Police, putting an abrupt halt to the party was the need of the hour.

However, the DK felt the people partying were at no fault, so they should have been treated with respect.

Talking to a daily, the DJ expressed her anguish and said, "I strongly condemn this police action and high-handedness. The police should have only arrested the organisers of the party if they did not have the license to serve liquor or play DJ music. But detaining and fining 133 guests is illegal. If you go for a wedding or a Navratri dandiya function and the music is a bit loud you don`t arrest or fine all the guests, you only fine the organisers. Here the guests were fined for dirty dancing! How do the police define dirty dancing.”

An eye witness said, “Those who were perceived to be gay were treated very rudely and inhumanely by the police as though they were murderers or rapists”.

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