Do you know the significance of Amarnath Yatra?—Read

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Do you know the significance of Amarnath Yatra?—Read

New Delhi: The holy sojourn of Amarnath Yatra has resumed and the devotees are all set to seek blessings of the Lord. Yes, the time has come to pray aloud: Bam Bam Bhole!

The yatra-- which happens to be one of the most important pilgrimages of India beings in July.

While many people know that this happens to be one of the most pious sites in the country and where Lord Shiva is revered, little do anyone know the science behind its significance.

The yatra which lasts for a good 7-8 days often emboldens a devotee's mind with firmness and bhakti. It is believed that the yatra instills purification of the mind and motivates devotees towards the practice of meditation.

While the site itself is famous for its history and the legend behind it, people who are seeking peace of the mind can come to the Amarnath ji cave and seek blessings. It is a well-known fact that those who make it to the cave are indeed the blessed ones and find their way into heaven.

Legend has it that it is the same place where Lord Shiva spilled the beans on creation and universe to maata Parvati. While telling her about the story of being 'amar' or immortal, Parvati fell asleep midway, and two pigeons heard the same story. It is believed that the pigeons are still alive in the place and many times bhakt can see them!

What reminds us here is the power of being 'immortal'. This story teaches us that soul is the only immortal being in this world, while the body may perish. So, if you want to get a glimpse of the Almighty and seek peace in life and thereafter, this yatra will definitely bring you close to peace.

Meditation is yet another means to reach out to achieve self-realisation.

Amarnath begins by 'Pratham Pujan' to get the blessings of Shri Amarnath Ji.