Doctor Who`s Daleks named `Greatest Monsters in the Galaxy`

London: Sci-fi fans have chosen the metal-clad mutant race of Daleks as their favourite monsters in the galaxy.

Daleks, which were first spotted in `Doctor Who` in 1963, beat creatures from Star Trek, Lord Of The Rings and the Alien and Predator films.

The poll by magazine SFX revealed that the green-faced and horned character Lorne from Buffy TV spin-off series Angel bagged the second place and creatures seen in Ridley Scott`s 1979 film `Alien` were third.

Gollum from `Lord Of The Rings` ranked fifth, while the hideous shape-changing nasty from `The Thing` came in at eighth spot, reports The Telegraph.

Another Doctor Who foe, the Cybermen, was placed 13th.

The top 20 monsters were listed as:

1. The Daleks - Doctor Who

2. Lorne - Angel

3. Aliens - Alien franchise

4. Death - Discworld

5. Gollum - Lord Of The Rings

6. The Shadows - Babylon 5

7. Gizmo - Gremlins

8. The Thing - The Thing

9. Aslan - The Chronicles Of Narnia

10. Predators - Predator franchise

11. The Borg - Star Trek

12. Pilot - Farscape

13. The Cybermen - Doctor Who

14. Godzilla - Godzilla

15. Ludo - Labyrinth

16. Pinhead - Hellraiser

17. Nibbler - Futurama

18. The Great Dragon - Merlin

19. Frankenstein`s Monster - Frankenstein

20. Slimer - Ghostbusters


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