Don`t end relationship, take a year break: Harry to Chelsy

London: A week after they reportedly split, Prince Harry has asked Chelsy Davy to take a "gap year" break from him -- to save their love.

According to the `News of the World`, the third-in- line to the British throne desperately hopes that a year break would give the Zimbabwean blonde time to change her mind about ending their relationship.

Prince Harry and Chelsy, who have had an on-and- off relationship for six years, last week ended their romance so that she could return to South Africa this week to begin a legal career and had told him they`re "over".

The 24-year-old blonde insisted that she would never live in Britain again or agree to become a full-time royal.

But 25-year-old Harry held crisis talks with Chelsy on Tuesday and Wednesday in South Africa after watching England play in the World Cup and has requested her to take the year break.

"Harry made it clear he believed they could make things work, even though she`ll be living abroad," a source close to Chelsy was quoted as saying.

Harry is to start a long Army Air Corps course to become an Apache chopper pilot.

The source continued: "Harry knows they wouldn`t have seen much of each other anyway because of his training so this makes perfect sense to him. He`s giving her a year off to work out what she wants to do - a bit like a gap year students take before university."

Harry and Chelsy briefly split last year and had trial separation in 2007.