Dr Conrad Murray asks to be released from jail pending appeal

Washington: Dr Conrad Murray has filed legal documents asking to be released on no bail pending his appeal against the manslaughter conviction, which put him in jail. Dr Murray was sentenced to four years in prison after being convicted of involuntary manslaughter in Michael Jackson’s death.

He has filed for the appeal on grounds of “improper exclusion of defence evidence and witnesses that resulted in violating the defendant’s State and constitutional rights to due process, to present a defence and to the effective assistance of counsel”.

“He has exhausted virtually all of his available resources,” a website has quoted his lawyer as saying. If released, Murray says he plans to live with Nicole Alvarez, the mother of his child. He would also be willing to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet. Although his medical license has been revoked, Murray has said that he will seek employment to support his children.

To illustrate his dire circumstances behind bars, the ex-doctors’ lawyer says that he is housed under “maximum security” conditions which entail isolation in a solitary cell, and being escorted around the jail facility with his hands chained to his waist.


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