Drew thinks Twitter is ‘bulls***’

Washington: Drew Barrymore is not fond of Tweeting away like other stars - because she thinks ‘its bulls---.’

"Ironically, with all this, ``We’re now more connected than ever with technology,`` I don’t think we’ve ever been farther apart. I think its bulls---," People mag quoted Barrymore, as telling, Nylon’s August/Denim issue.

Technology and social media make everyone feel "more connected," she said, "but [we’re now] weirdly disconnected."

Barrymore also said she hated to act pretentious.

She said: "You have to not pretend to be perfect, because that’s not only boring as [expletive], but it’s just not real.

"I just really want to be true to myself. That’s essential in life. I would never be able to put on a charade. I would totally [screw] it up."


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