Driving a Porsche can pull the girls for flings!

Washington: Just as peacocks flaunt their tails before potential mates, men flaunt flashy products like a Porsche, to charm potential dates and have uncommitted romantic flings.

But you know what, women can see right through it.

A new research has found that although women find the flashy guys more desirable for a date, the man with the Porsche is not preferred as a marriage partner.

Women inferred from a man’s flashy spending that he was interested in uncommitted sex.

"When women considered him for a long-term relationship, owning the sports car held no advantage relative to owning an economy car," said co-author Daniel Beal, assistant professor of psychology at Rice.

"People may feel that owning flashy things makes them more attractive as a relationship partner, but in truth, many men might be sending women the wrong message,” he said,

"This research suggests that conspicuous products, such as Porsches, can serve the same function for some men that large and brilliant feathers serve for peacocks," said Jill Sundie, assistant professor of marketing at UTSA and lead author of the paper.

"Obviously, women also spend plenty of money on expensive things," Sundie said.

"But the anticipation of romance doesn’t trigger flashy spending as it does with some men,” she added.

The study was published recently in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.


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