Driving with kids drives more than half of parents nuts

London: A poll of 2,000 people has found that 55 per cent of parents lose their temper with their families during car journeys.

The research found also that bored children cry “are we there yet?” 31 minutes into a typical car journey.

A startling 62 per cent confessed to being happier without their offspring in the car, while 43 per cent feel anxious or angry when travelling with children, found a survey commissioned by car giant Peugeot.

A worrying 60 per cent admitted to lying about journey times to keep their children quiet and 70 per cent confessed to offering bribes of sweets and fizzy drinks.

And as the holiday period gets into full swing, experts have advised parents to find ways to occupy youngsters if they can’t avoid a long journey.

“To ensure a happy holiday it’s important to make sure the journey can be part of the fun too. Prepare activities and games that will keep them occupied and their minds engaged,” the Daily Express quoted Professor Tanya Byron, a child expert, as saying.


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