Drug abuse part of Hollywood`s heritage: Mahesh Bhatt

New Delhi: Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt is saddened by the sudden death of singer Whitney Houston and says that drug abuse has become main part of Hollywood`s heritage. He also pointed out that even Bollywood has this culture. Houston was found dead Saturday in a Beverly Hills hotel room. She was 48.

The reason of her death is still not clear but it is reported that her career took a turn for the worse amid her battle against drug abuse and a stormy marriage to singer Bobby Brown.

"The pressure of stardom cries out for relief. The taste of success cries out for celebration. Drug abuse is a part of Hollywood`s heritage," Bhatt posted on micro-blogging site Twitter.

Not only Houston, the international arena has seen talent like Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, Brittany Murphy, Pimp C and many more rising on the film and music firmament. Unfortunately, they succumbed to drugs and left their journey halfway. The 63-year-old says that not only Hollywood, even the Hindi film industry faces such problem.

"Even here in Bollywood it is all available. It`s whether you want to take part in it or not. It`s all there. Anyone who says it isn`t is wrong," he added.