Duchess of Cambridge gives cooking lessons to brother-in-law Harry

Updated: Aug 26, 2012, 15:06 PM IST

London: Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton shares a close bond with her brother-in-law Prince Harry and has been giving him cooking lessons in her free time.

Kate`s husband Prince William is away and busy with his work as an RAF search-and-rescue pilot, so she has been using her free time to give Harry some domestic tips, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

"Kate is a whizz in the kitchen, while Harry`s skills are rather lacking. So Kate has been teaching Harry to cook rather than use the microwave," said a source.

"They have a very brotherly, sisterly relationship and Harry has been a great support to Kate, who is still fairly new to the royal family," the source added.

Harry along with Kate have jokingly nicknamed William "Burger King" after he gained a few pounds recently.

"It`s always a laugh when Kate and Harry are together. William loves that his wife and brother are such good pals and he jokingly calls Harry, Kate`s `lady in waiting` because he`s always there by her side. What he doesn`t enjoy is how much they like to wind him up."

"There`s always a lot of laughter when the three are together but it`s normally aimed at Wills, poor chap, but he takes it well and knows it`s all a bit of banter," the source told Grazia magazine.