‘Dude’ dads embarrass their kids most

London: Mothers who dress like their daughters and dads who use slang like “innit” cause the biggest embarrassments to their children, a new study has found.

While parents may be convinced it’s ‘wicked’ to be ‘down with the kids’, their friends and acquaintances find it every bit as embarrassing as their children do, the report said.

‘Innit’ tops the list of phrases that parents shouldn’t attempt to use, according to a poll, with ‘chillax’ – meaning ‘calm down’ and ‘wicked’, ‘down with the kids’, ‘awesome’ and ‘whatever’ – coming close behind.

In the survey, the 53-year-old DJ Tim Westwood was judged an example of adults trying to sound like teenagers.

In fact 33 per cent agreed that talking like Westwood, the son of a bishop, should be out of bounds for adults.

“Teenagers have always had their own language and most adults can accept this,” the Daily Mail quoted a spokesman for Online Opinions, which carried out the study, as saying.

“But what they don’t like is grown-ups trying to ape young adults. Wearing low-rise jeans is best left to the young and no one over 20 should ever say ‘innit’ or ‘whatever’.

“The best thing for parents is not to try to be down with the kids. And certainly not use phrases like ‘down with the kids’,” he added.


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