Egypt & Morocco top web users list in Arab world

Updated: May 03, 2010, 15:48 PM IST

Rabat: Egypt, Morocco and Saudi Arabia top the list of Arab countries by the Internet user rate, according to media reports.

The number of Internet users went up by 20 per cent in Egypt, 18 per cent in Morocco and 17 per cent in Saudi Arabia last year.

Meanwhile, the number of computer owners in the Middle East and North Africa enlarged from 11 million to 26 million in 2004-2010, while the number of Internet users in the same region grew from 16 million to 56 million.

Arab countries will have much higher rates of the development of information technologies, including the Internet, than the world`s average (12 per cent as against 4 per cent) in the upcoming years, Advanced Datanetwork Communications said.